Job Opportunity – Cambodian Community Coordinator, Media Coordinator and Interview Teams

Join an exciting research project!

The Canadian South East Asia Refugee Historical Project: Hearts of Freedom

Carleton University, in partnership with the Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian immigrant communities in Canada, the Menno Simons College (a college of Canadian Mennonite University), the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, and the Canadian Immigration Historical Society and with the support of a range institutions involved in immigration history is starting a major 3-year research project entitled The Canadian South East Asia Refugee Historical Project: Hearts of Freedom. Through a series of in-depth oral interviews with Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian refugees who escaped their homelands and came to Canada following the end of the Indochinese wars, as well as Canadians who welcomed them in Canada, the project will seek to preserve the memories of these events and produce educational materials as well as publications and audio-visual materials about them.

We are now hiring for the positions below. Applicants should submit a covering letter and CV by September 15, 2018 addressed to The Research Team at or contact CAOV at

Community Coordinator

Community Coordinator with the Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian Immigrant Communities in Canada. (three positions, one with each community)


  • Based on her/his existing contacts within her/his communities, or new contacts that she/he will establish, the community coordinator will find potential interviewees, who are themselves refugees or are the children of refugees and who are able and willing to do oral interviews in English or French.
  • She/he will present them to the project’s coordinator for consideration as an interviewee.
  • She/he will meet regularly with the other Community Coordinators and with the Project Coordinators
  • She/he will meet with one or more of the interview teams as needed to brief them on the people they will be interviewing


  • Good English or French oral and written language abilities.
  • Excellent oral and written language skills in one or more of Vietnamese, Khmer or Cambodian
  • Good existing contacts within one or more of the three communities in Canada which are the subject of the research
  • Solid networking ability within one or more of the three communities
  • Ability to make presentations


  • Strong communication skills
  • Good judgement

The Community Coordinator will report to the Project Coordinator and may be required to make presentations to both the Research Committee and the Project Management Committee

Media Coordinator

The media coordinator will oversee all media aspects of the project. The successful candidate will have related experience and must be able to commit to a two-year period (4 months half-time for the first year, 9 months in year two).


  • Design, creation and maintenance of a secure project web site.
  • Uploading of all video interviews to the web site,
  • Uploading of interview transcripts, research documents, images and authored papers.


  • Preparation of progress reports for the research team
  • Liaising as required with the University’s communications and IT departments


  • Good English and French oral and written language abilities.
  • Expert IT skills and proven ability to design, implement and maintain web sites
  • Ability to make presentations


  • Strong technical skills
  • Good judgement

Interview Teams

Positions for three two-member interview teams (Each team has one interviewer and one camera operator) to conduct interviews over a two-year period. Initially, interviews will take place in Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal and Toronto. There is the possibility of extension into the western provinces. Must be prepared to travel and commit for two years.

Interviewer: Preference will be given to applicants with interviewing experience. Since there will be a small number of interviews in French, one of the interviewers will be bilingual (French/English). Fluency in Vietnamese, Khmer or Laotian is an asset.

Camera Operator: Preference will be given to applicants with experience in videography. Language capability in Khmer, Laotian or Vietnamese is an asset.

Attendance is required at a workshop in October to prepare interviewers for oral history interviewing and camera operators in the use of the digital video equipment. Interviews are planned to begin in November 2018.