Cambodian New Year 2012

April 14, 2012

On April 14th, the Cambodian community came together to celebrate an event shared by our relatives and ancestors to end the harvesting season. We celebrated with the traditional entertainment of the Hanuman dance (commonly known as the Monkey Dance) and Robam Jun Por. Up next was the Cha Cha and Ballroom dance which always captivates the audience with it’s sleek outfit and elegant movements. We also had the opportunity to end the shows with a viewing of the clothing line of a young Khmer designer from Montreal name _, inspiring us with the talents of modern art intermix with traditional Khmer motifs.

The night ended with the crowd with smiles and laughter dancing on the floor and singers Sophira Ross, Lin Thida, keyboard player Mardy, and guitarist Bokhara Bun provided the music which guided the movements of the floor.

The CAOV would like to thank everybody who came to participate (special mention to our Montreal participants and members of the Laotian community) and made this night more than being successful, giving us the life to remind us the beauty of a culture and the heart of our community.