“Building a strong Cambodian Community in Ottawa – Gatineau”

  • To preserve and promote Khmer culture, heritage & values.
  • To enhance a sense of belonging of future generation to the community.
  • To promote full participation of Cambodian to social, economic and educational opportunities
  • To encourage, promote understanding and cooperation among Cambodian Canadian and all other ethnics, cultural, racial groups in the community at large

The CAOV cries out for all Cambodians in the Ottawa-Valley to come out and participate, volunteer, or take any action in helping the Cambodian Community. As long as We, Cambodians of the Ottawa-Valley, come out and do our part, we will continue to come out strong and prosperous.

Board Members Structure

Board of Directors – The Board of Directors consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and a Board Member

Advisory Committee – Provide support and advice to the Board of Directors

Program/Service Delivery – Program development, planning and service delivery – Advocacy, networking, liaisons with mainstream and community organizations – Funding application to different levels of government – Community outreach

Public Relations/Communication – Newsletter, advertising – Database – Website design and maintenance – Public and media relations – Community outreach

Cultural/Social – Organize & Coordinate social events – Promote Traditional Khmer Heritage and Culture – Fundraising for the Association – Community outreach

Youth/Recreation – Sports, leisure and recreation – Youth involvement and participation in Association – Build up a network of youth outreach – Community outreach

Active Members – Membership Recruitment – Recruit volunteers for special events – Provide supports to all other committees – Community outreach

Women (Future Plan) – Promote more women participation